TX Governor Proposal Would Financially Punish Cities That Defund Police

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020 - 08:05 PM

Before 'woke' city councils in Texas vote to defund their local police amid a far-left movement to eliminate law enforcement, local officials may want to wait and see if a new proposal by Governor. Greg Abbott (R) to cap property taxes grows legs.

Under new legislation introduced by Abbott, municipalities which defund police departments will be unable to raise revenues by raising property taxes, according to CBS Dallas.

"To maintain the safety that our communities deserve today we are announcing a legislative proposal that will discourage defunding law enforcement in Texas," said the governor during an afternoon press conference. "Any city that defunds police departments will have its property tax revenue frozen at the current level. They will ever be able to increase property tax revenue again if they defund police."

"Cities that endanger residents by reducing law enforcement should not then be able to turn around and go back and get more property tax dollars from those same residents whose lives the city just endangered," added Abbott.

The City of Austin voted to move some $21 million to fund local social services and community resources — including response to the coronavirus, mental health aid programs, violence prevention, victim services and food, housing and abortion access. Another $80 million is set to be redistributed to similar city services, and $49 million will be spent on the Austin Reimagine Safety Fund, which aims to provide alternative forms of public safety and community support besides policing.

During the Fort Worth press conference Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said, “When I think about what Austin has done… had any other mayor of any other city in Texas been as irresponsible as they have been they would have chaos and their citizens would be in danger. It is only because of our DPS force of state troopers, hundreds that came to the aid and recuse of APD, that Austin didn’t turn into a potential Seattle or Portland.” -CBS Dallas