UK Parliament Rejects PM Johnson's Early Election Request; Now What?

After an hour of to- and fro-ing, jeering and yelling, guffawing and gaslighting, the UK parliament has finally voted on PM Johnson's request for an early election on October 15th.

BoJo reiterated that he’s prepared to leave the European Union without an agreement if necessary, and that he “will not ask for another delay," enraging opposition lawmakers, who complain he’s refusing to acknowledge the legislation that passed into law earlier blocking a no-deal Brexit on Oct. 31.

Johnson lambasted the Labour Party for “preposterous cowardice” for not voting for the early election.

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn responded to Johnson’s statement by accusing the prime minister of pursuing a no-deal Brexit with no mandate to do so, and calling the government’s negotiations with the European Union a “sham.”

And Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson said her party would revoke Article 50 - keeping the U.K. in the European Union - if it was elected to government.

It was raucous to say the least.

But, after all the bluster, as expected, MPs voted against the early election. He needed two-thirds of MPs - 434 of them - to vote for this but only 293 agreed (notably less that last week when he got 298), with 46 voting against and the rest abstaining.

“I earlier urged the house to trust the people but once again, the opposition think they know better,” exclaimed Boris Johnson, after his second attempt to trigger an early general election has failed.

“They want the British prime minister to go to a vital negotiation without the power to walk away."

"...They want to delay Brexit yet again, without further reference to those who voted for it...

And so now the house will move to adjourn and resume the state opening and the Queen’s speech on October 14, and I hope the opposition will use that time to reflect. Meanwhile, this government will press on with negotiating a deal."

There is no reaction in cable to this news.

And so, what happens next?

Quite frankly, no one knows but the following flowchart from Statista is the clearest illustration of what is to come we have found so far...

Parliament will now be suspended.