"This Is Unacceptable": Biden's DOJ Attempts To Silence Journalist In Firearms Case

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Aug 19, 2023 - 01:00 AM

Submitted By Gun Owners of America,

In April, the Department of Justice convicted two men, Matthew Hoover & Kristopher Ervin, of conspiring to transfer unregistered machine gun devices known as "Auto Key Cards."

The case known as United States of America v. Kristopher Ervin & Matthew Hoover has been regarded as controversial. ATF employees involved in the case admitted to taking classes on convincing a jury of their testimony, among other interesting developments.

As such, the case has been subject to much discussion and coverage by firearms-related news outlets. One of those outlets, AmmoLand News & their journalist, John Crump, was recently the subject of an attempted gag order by the DoJ due to his reporting on the case.

The gag order was specifically in relation to a Presentencing Investigation Report given to Crump by Hoover to aid in his coverage of the court case. Unbeknownst to Crump, after this report was given to him, the DoJ filed a motion to silence Crump and have his copy of the Presentencing Investigation Report destroyed.

In the motion, the Justice Department refers to Crump as a "YouTube personality" in an attempt to discredit his status as a journalist and the free speech protections he is entitled to as a member of the press.

Distasteful YouTube comments are cited in the motion as well as the reason for the gag order, with many of the comments taking a critical tone against the State's Attorney.

When we learned about this situation, Gun Owners of America stepped in to defend Crump and his First Amendment rights. Our legal team filed an Emergency Motion to Intervene on the gag order placed on him.

While the Judge agreed with our motion, it seemed that the DoJ saw the writing on the wall, withdrawing their motion and mooting the challenge.
Either way, GOA is proud to help block the Government's attempt to silence a journalist's First Amendment rights.

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Today on the Minuteman Moment, Ben details the current situation between John Crump, a reporter for AmmoLand news and OAN Contributor, and his coverage of the CRS Firearms case being placed under a gag order by an overzealous federal prosecutor.

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