Unvaxxed Canadians Denied Access To Walmart

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 - 12:05 AM

On Monday, Quebec's draconian new vaccine passport law for unvaccinated people went into effect. Unvaxxed people will be denied entry to big-box retailers unless they shop for food or visit the pharmacy. Even then, they will be under the supervision of an employee (to make sure they don't buy anything else). 

Quebec expanded the vaccination passport to enter all businesses with surface areas larger than 16,000 sqft or more -- except for groceries and pharmacies. The new measure was announced on Sunday night. 

For pharmacies located in Walmart and other big-box retailers, an unvaxxed must be "accompanied at all times during his or her travels by an employee of the business, the pharmacy or any other person mandated by them for this purpose" the measure reads. 

"This person may not purchase products other than those related to the pharmaceutical service they are receiving," it also said. 

What's transpiring in Quebec is another example of how vaccine passports create two-tier societies, punishing unvaxxed for disobeying the government. We first described this as a possible scenario in the early days of the pandemic -- now it has become fact. 

There's no more debating if society is headed for a two-tier society because it's already happening in Canada. 

Have the unvaxxed tried shopping online? Or did Quebec ban them from that?