Veteran Dem Strategist Sums Up Liberals' Electability Issue: "They're Not Popular... They Need A Woke Detox"

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Nov 06, 2021 - 11:30 PM

Is the pendulum finally starting to swing back in the direction of common sense?

In the past few weeks, outspoken liberal comedian Bill Maher has been the unexpected voice of reason when it comes to truth-bombs for the left, slamming "gullible" millennials' "stupid ideas" exclaiming "you're the f**king nuts" to the woke, progressive, and increasingly vocal wing of the Democrat party.

However, this week, following the electroral evisceration this week, more left-leaning public figures and talking heads have been brave enough to step forward and address the giant elephant in the room (of course that excludes anyone on MSNBC).

Van Jones admitted that "Democrats are coming across as annoying and offensive and out-of-touch. I think there is a message here," before reverting to trend and playing the race card in Virginia.

Even David Axelrod faced reality: "The Democratic Party has become a more college-educated and urban party coalition with minority voters and the messages tend to be moralizing... and self-righteous... 'we will tell you what is right'."

But it was veteran Democratic political strategist James Carville that was the most blunt.

"What went wrong is stupid wokeness," he said shocking his PBS interviewer, adding that "this, ‘Take Abraham Lincoln’s name off of schools!’... people see that. And it really has a suppressive effect on all across the country on Democrats."

“Some of these people need to go to a woke detox center or something,” said Carville, who advised former President Bill Clinton.

“They’re expressing language people just don’t use and there’s a backlash and a frustration at that.”

“We’ve got to change this and not be about changing dictionaries, and change laws,” he told host Judy Woodruff. They were “hurting the party” and “the very people you want to help.”

Carville concludes, "these people have got to understand, [Democrats] are not popular around the country, people don't like them... and they are annoying people... and people are voting because that is the only way they can disagree with all this."

However, these warnings to the woke mob are nothing new, they have just been de-amplified as social media mayhem shuts down any critical thinking. As Michael Shellenberger notes, "In truth, Carville, Axelrod, Jones and many others, including Obama himself, have been warning progressives that they had become too self-righteous, extreme, and shrill for years. Progressives have waved away, ridiculed, and even denounced such concerns as racist."

Of course, none of that will stop the most progressive who are now committed to their path. Here is AOC's take on why they lost... simply put, the candidates were too 'moderate' and not 'woke' enough: “I think the results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100% super moderated campaign.”...

Good luck with that strategy in 2022.