Wannabe Kavanaugh Assassin Claimed He Was "Shooting For 3" SCOTUS Justices: Report

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jul 29, 2022 - 02:49 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

FBI documents obtained by Fox News have revealed that the suspect arrested for allegedly planning to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh also intended to target two other conservative judges in an attempt to “stop roe v wade from being overturned.”

The documents show an online conversation that suspect Nicholas Roske had with others on Reddit in which he outlined his plan.

Roske, who was arrested in June close to Kavanaugh’s home in possession of a gun and knife, wrote “im gonna stop roe v wade from being overturned,” to which a respondent asked “what u tryna do?”

“Remove some people from the Supreme Court,” Roske replied.

The other person replied “two dead judges ain’t gonna do nothing. The whole government is f*cked There’s no fixing that You would die before you killed them all.”

The documents note that Roske responded “Yeah but I could get at least one, which would change the votes for decades to come, and I am shooting for 3.”

“All of the major decisions for the past 10 years have been along party lines so if there are more liberal than conservative judges, they will have the power,” Roske added.

The documents also note that Roske Googled several terms including “how to be stealthy,” “assassin skills,” and the “most effective place to stab someone.”

As we have highlighted, despite the disturbing arrest, Democrats have repeatedly refused to condemn protests, and even encouraged them, outside the homes of conservative Justices, or while they are with their families.

The disturbances have continued despite even neighbours speaking out claiming they are routinely being insulted and threatened with violence by pro-abortion activists.

A marshal for the Supreme Court has also asked state and local officials to take control and put a stop to illegal disruptions outside the homes of Justices, noting that “threatening activity, has only increased.”

Leftist group ShutDownDC also recently put out a call on Twitter offering $50 and $200 bounties for information relating to sightings of justices John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren refused to condemn the actions of the group when asked about the matter.

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