Washington DC Mayor Renames Street Near White House After Black Lives Matter

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jun 05, 2020 - 03:15 PM

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and President Trump are still battling it out for control of DC's streets, according to the Washington Post, Bowser has officially renamed a section of 16th street right in front of the White House after the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

By her order, the street was painted with the slogan in large bright yellow letters. The positioning put the message in a way that it could be read from the White House and the Washington Monument, forcing President Trump to look at it when he gazes out of windows facing the street.

NBC 4 reported that the lettering is so large the message stretches onto two city blocks and can only be fit into a single photo frame from a very high vantage point. A bright yellow DC flag was also painted after the message.

"It's super pointed, it helps to correct from the terrible thing that happened at the church that's right there," one woman told NBC 4's reporter. She was referring to the tear gassing and firing of rubber bullets on peaceful protesters to make room for a presidential photo-op.

The mural on the street had been largely completed by noon on Friday.

The letters have been laid down and the street renamed ahead of a major march on Saturday.

Thanks to her feuds with Trump and this latest bold gesture, if Bowser isn't already high on Biden's VP shortlist, she should be.