Watch: Biden Press Secretary Defends Him Continually Stumbling And Falling Over

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jun 07, 2023 - 04:40 PM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre again attempted to brush off concerns that Joe Biden is constantly stumbling around and falling over, claiming “things happen,” and that “other Presidents have had similar situations.” 

Jean-Pierre was questioned by NewsMax’s James Rosen who pointed out that Americans are concerned that Biden isn’t fit to run for another four year term as he appears frail.

“I want to ask about the President’s tumble that he took on the stage in Colorado the other day,” Rosen began, adding “It’s absolutely true that any one of us could trip over an object that just happens to be in our path. Nonetheless. We’ve all observed the difficulty this President has in certain settings.”

“Steps are one of them and of course there was no sand bag in his path on the steps up Air Force One on any of those occasions,” Rosen noted, adding “I was struck particularly by the incident on May 19, in Hiroshima where the President descended down a set of stone steps toward a shrine.”

“At the bottom of which steps he was greeted by the Japanese Prime Minister. And if you look at that footage, the President slipped and caught himself on those steps. And as he greeted the Prime Minister, you could even see on the president’s face, pursed lips as if to say this was a close one,” Rosen continued. 

Here is the incident Rosen is referring to:

And here is the fall in Colorado:

The reporter then asked “whether this whole series of incidents has led the White House Chief of Staff to direct some kind of review of the advance procedures that are employed on behalf of this, the nation’s oldest President?”

Jean-Pierre was having none of it, claiming she didn’t see anything that happened in Japan and then listing achievements Biden has accomplished as some sort of counter balance to him stumbling around.

“Your proposition may or may not be true, but it’s not responsive to my question,” Rosen responded.

The Press Secretary snapped back “You’re asking me if we’re going to change anything from here, the Chief of Staff has asked for it to change anything from here. And here’s the thing, here’s the thing. We are not. Things happen. Other Presidents have had similar situations.” 

And with that she ended the press conference.


Yesterday the Press Secretary refused to comment on whether Biden would actually survive another four years:

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