Watch: Biden's 'Election Denier' Spox Scrambles To Explain 2016 Tweet

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Sep 06, 2022 - 07:50 PM

Democrats are heading into midterms riding on their proud accomplishments crying "burn the witch!" at Republicans who dare commit the grave sin of challenging the results of the 2020 election - an effort which has been months in the making.

And last week President Biden spent a considerable amount of time calling "MAGA Republicans" a threat to democracy because they "don't accept the results of free and fair elections."

Poll workers in Detroit, MI cover windows during the counting of absentee ballots cast in the 2020 US election

And of course, one can see why they're worried when people like Arozona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake gives answers like this:

Except, Democrats have denied the results of 'free and fair elections' for decades - particularly in 2016.

And so on Tuesday, Biden White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre was caught flat-footed when confronted with her own election-denying tweets

"In trying to understand the new attention on ‘MAGA Republicans,’ you tweeted in 2016 Trump stole an election —" Fox News' Peter Doocy said, to which Jean-Pierre replied: "I knew you were going to ask me that question."

"Well, great, here we go," Doocy shot back. "You tweeted Trump stole an election, you tweeted Brian Kemp stole an election. If denying election results is extreme now, why wasn’t it then?"

And what was her excuse?

"Let’s be really clear that that comparison that you made is just ridiculous," Jean-Pierre replied. "I was talking specifically at that time of what was happening with voting rights and what was danger of voting rights."


So it's extreme when Republicans deny elections.