Watch: Convoy Of Trump Trucks 'Escorts' Biden Campaign Bus Out Of Texas

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Oct 31, 2020 - 05:25 PM

A convoy of SUVs and pickup trucks flying Trump flags escorted the Biden-Harris Bus down a Texas highway Friday, nearly forcing the bus off the road, resulting in Democrats to cancel a bus tour due to "security reasons." 

According to Texas House Rep. Sheryl Cole, the Biden-Harris Bus tour in Austin, Texas, was "canceled" due to "security reasons," which she took to Twitter, accusing Trump supporters of operating "well beyond safe limits." 

Cole quoted Travis County Democratic Party Chair Katie Naranjo in a tweet, who provided some details about the convoy "following the Biden bus throughout central Texas to intimidate Biden supporters." 

Naranjo said one Trump supporter "ran into a person's car, yelling curse words and threats." 

Texas State Rep. Rafael Anchía tweeted: "Armed Trump trolls harassing Biden Bus on I-35, ramming volunteer vehicles & blocking traffic for 40 mins. 

Anchía said, "Eric Trump took to FB to incite this violence." 

Numerous videos, with several angles of the incident, were posted on Twitter. 

The first video shows the convoy rolling down the highway, surrounding all sides of the Biden-Harris Bus. 

The next video is from within the convoy - shows a Trump supporter, in a lifted truck, appears to hit a white SUV with its front driver side tire. 

Naranjo tweeted out a picture of the damaged white SUV.

Forbes reached out to the Biden campaign about the incident, who stated the convoy "attempted to slow the bus down and run it off the road." 

While some political polls show Texas could be a tossup between Trump and Biden, the incident Friday exemplifies the strong support that Trump enjoys across the Lone Star State.