Watch: GOP Poll Watcher Denied Entry In Philadelphia Days After State AG Says 'Trump Will Lose'

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Nov 03, 2020 - 03:15 PM

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A Republican poll watcher in the Philadelphia, PA was denied entry to a polling location despite having a valid poll watcher's certificate.

In a viral video posted by attorney Will Chamberlain, which gained over 700,000 views in less than two hours, poll watcher Gary Feldman can be seen attempting to enter a polling station, only to be turned away by workers who claim his certificate 'isn't valid for this location.'

"Call the police!" says one poll worker, adding. "If you legal, call the cops."

"I have a city-wide watcher's certificate," said Feldman, to which another poll worker replied "That's not for this location."

Poll watchers are allowed to challenge the identity or residency status of a voter in the event they suspect fraud, along with inspecting voting machines and making sure poll workers aren't influencing the vote in any way.

The incident happened days after Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, tweeted: "If all the votes are added up in PA, Trump is going to lose."

Interesting, to say the least. What did he mean by that?

And in other news, voting machines are reportedly down in Westmoreland & Philadelphia counties, according to @PhillyGOP.

Pennsylvania is a major battleground state this year, with pollster Nate Silver proclaiming that if Biden doesn't win the state he'll become the underdog.

"Maybe a lot of little things add up and Biden loses Pennsylvania by half a point, and then he doesn't quite pull off Arizona or North Carolina. He does have other options. ... But still, without Pennsylvania, then Biden becomes an underdog," said Silver.

Perhaps this is why President Trump has deployed an 'army' of volunteers and paid staff to watch elections in Democratic-leaning precincts - an effort organized by veteran GOP operative Mike Roman, a former White House aide from Pennsylvania who once ran a secretive in-house intelligence unit for the Koch political network.

Roman has organized what he claims are 50,000 poll watchers.

"Our Elections Day Operations are designed to make sure that everyone that is legally entitled to vote has the opportunity to vote, once," said Erin Perrine, Trump 2020 director of press communications in a video aimed at recruiting poll watchers. "We all know that the Democrats will be up to their old dirty tricks on Election Day to make sure President Trump doesn’t win. We cannot let that happen."

Meanwhile, President Trump was censored by Facebook and Twitter for a Monday tweet claiming that a Supreme Court decision allowing an extension for ballot counting in Pennsylvania "will allow rampant an unchecked cheating."