Trump Says Guidelines Would Allow Some States To Reopen "Tomorrow"

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 16, 2020 - 10:09 PM

Update (1900ET): President Trump definitely hasn't shied away from rambling tonight, though he's also remained pretty poised in the face of some pretty tough questioning.

But one thing he said is that he believes there are about 29 states that he expects will be reopening "soon", though he refused to name them.

When the time comes, it'll be "up to the governors" Trump said.

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Update (1830ET): One of the first questions for President Trump was if the new federal guidelines would replace the old federal guidelines that called for social distancing, school closures and WFH to remain in place at least until the end of the month. Trump replied that they did. So, could a state like, say, Montana reopen tomorrow, if it wanted?

"Sure," Trump said.

The press corp. didn't seem to happy with that, as they pressed Trump to discuss which states he felt were on track to reopen, and when.

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Update (1840ET): If you're looking for a copy of all of the slides shared by Dr. Birx during Thursday evening's press conference, they're included in the White House report which, as we noted earlier, was leaked to the New York Post shortly before the press conference started.

Read it below:

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The moment we've been waiting for (or at least that Trump has been hyping up) has finally arrived...President Trump is unveiling his "guidelines" to re-open America, officially entitled the "Opening Up America Again" plan.

Trump kicked off the press conference by saying that the US has succeeded in flattening the curve, and that the "peak" is finally behind us.

Some details of the guidelines leaked to the New York Post (and were immediately shared by the newswires), and we discussed them here.

Many New York City and Washington DC-based journalists might be surprised to learn that a large swath of the country hasn't reported a single new case in a week.

And remember, since futures are soaring thanks to that remdesivir report, Trump is thinking everything really is fixed, as he ticks off the many deleterious effects of the 'stay at home' orders, including suicide and drug abuse.