Watch Live: Trump Authorizes "Surge" Of Federal Agents Into Cities Plagued By Violence, Including Chicago

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020 - 04:05 PM

President Trump announced that the lawlessness surging in some US cities - like NYC and Chicago, where the number of shootings have skyrocketed as local police have pulled back -  has inspired him to send in federal law enforcement to cities where violent crimes -  murders, shootings, rapes and of course vandalism - are rapidly rising.

The decision comes as Portland and other ultra-liberal mayors (like Seattle) have said they don't want federal agents in their cities. The acting DHS head has ordered federal agents to police protests in Portland, as local police had been ordered to hold back as protesters vandalized public property (including a federal courthouse) and pelted cops with rocks, bottles and other projectiles.

Chicago is one city where agents will be sent as part of a federal program that Trump called "Operation Legend".

"The operation in Chicago will be done as part of Operation Legend, which was recently launched in Kansas was named after a four-year old, Legend Ruggiero, who was shot and killed while he slept," Trump said. He was joined by the boy;s family members.

During his speech, Trump blamed "local elected leaders" for "abdicating their duty" by undermining police departments, inspiring officers to pull back. Criminals, especially gang members warring for turf, respect or whatever other reason, has swiftly stepped in to the breach.

He also slammed Albequerque New Mexico where a young woman was murdered last year. The woman was the wife and mother of two Texas state police officers.

"We will hire more great police...what cities are doing is insanity...many politicians who want to make their cities less safe have also offered protection to criminal illegal aliens."

AG Barr, FBI chief Chris Wray, Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and families of crime victims (along with Trump) during the briefing, committing federal resources to tamp down hot spots of local crime, even though - as Barr pointed out - maintaining peace in America's cities hasn't traditionally been a federal responsibility.

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