Ukraine President Confirms "Nobody Pushed Me" In Trump Press Conference

Update: Just like Trump said, Zelensky has backed him up 100%, telling the press that he didn't feel at all pressured during his July 25 call with the president.

Zelensky said he had nothing new to add outside of what's already been revealed in the rough transcript released by the Trump Administration on Wednesday, and added that he didn't "want to be involved" in the democratic elections of the US.

"I don't want to be involved in the Democratic elections of the USA," Zelensky said during one exchange.

"Nobody pushed me," he added later.

Watch the critical exchange from the presser below:

Zelensky added during the press conference that he didn't pressure any prosecutors or other officials in Ukraine about looking into the Biden's.

* * *

In a press conference that will be a must-watch for all Washington political journalists and observers, President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will answer questions from the media on the sidelines of the UNGA Wednesday afternoon.

Though he is a political neophyte who was only recently elected, Zelensky has found himself at the center of Democrats' latest attempt to tar President Trump for allegedly recruit Zelensky's help in taking out a political rival: Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. The scandal, which started with Washington Post story about a whistleblower's complaint, has been escalating for the past week and led to the administration releasing the rough transcript of the controversial phone call between Trump and Zelensky where Dems say Trump withheld military aid and tried to use it as leverage to force Zelensky to investigate a gas company on whose board the younger Biden once served.

The scandal has inspired Nancy Pelosi to launch an investigation into whether Dems in the House should try and launch impeachment proceedings against Trump.

But the most interesting about this press conference will be the power dynamics: Zelensky could do a lot of political damage to Trump if he confirms the Democratic narrative of events and says he felt pressured by Trump. But Trump has insisted that Zelensky didn't see it that way.

Whatever happens, it's probably worth a watch: