Looters Steal $2.4 Million In Rolex Watches From New York Store

Yesterday, we warned looters why they shouldn't waste their time stealing luxury watches like a Rolex (same goes for fancy Apple products): in summary, it's because they're easy to trace (gold, diamonds and other jewelry, on the other hand, can usually be fenced via a crooked pawn shop owner). But if you take a Rolex to a pawnshop, chances are that you'll be arrested and the stolen goods seized as soon as the pawnbroker shows the watch to a dealer for an appraisal.

But apparently they didn't listen, because the NYPD reported that one jewelry store in midtown lost $2.4 million in Rolex watches last night as looters broke into a store in SoHo.

"The Rolex store is empty," a police source told the NYPost. "They stole like $2.4 million in Rolexes.”

Footage of the looting has gone viral.

However, a spokesperson for the store told the Post that no watches were stolen, claiming that the store had been emptied of its merchandise long before the looting began.

"There were simply windows broken and some vitrines smashed.