Watch: Mother Of Fallen Cop Slams City Officials For Not Flying 'Thin Blue Line' Flag, Using Pride Flag Instead

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Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024 - 01:05 AM

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Residents of Wethersfield Connecticut gathered Monday at a town hall to confront the mayor and other council officials over a decision to refuse a request to fly a ‘thin blue line’ flag in honour of a fallen police officer.

As we highlighted, council officials claimed the pro police flag was ‘racist and antagonistic’, and decided that lowering a LGBTQ flag to half staff was enough of an honour for Aaron Pelletier, who was killed in the line of duty.

Critics charged that the move epitomises the utter state of towns and cities under Democrat control.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Mayor Matthew Forrest claimed “Our Wethersfield Town Council and the entire community stands with the police.”

Others disagreed, including Debbie Garten, the mother of Deputy Robert “Bobby” Garten, who was also killed in the line of duty in September 2023.

Mrs Garten urged that “It was disheartening to witness the news coverage and hear the disrespectful and hurtful remarks being made by some town council members, especially as the wake and funeral for Trooper First Class Pelletier was going on.”

She added, “The thin blue line holds a deeply personal meaning for me, as a tribute to my son’s service and sacrifice,” before calling for the flag to be flown for two whole weeks next May to mark National Police Week and the Connecticut police memorial ceremony.

Will Garten, the brother of Deputy Garten called the mayor “disgusting,” and noted that the official hasn’t even mentioned his name at all.

Some of the town officials have complained that since the incident with the Pride flag and the refusal to fly the thin blue line, they have received “vulgar” messages and even death threats.

“A large number of these communications can easily be described as disturbing and vulgar,” town manager Fred Presley claimed.

“Some have wished physical harm and even death to council members and staff. A handful have reached the level of directly threatening individual council members and their families,” Presley added.

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