Watch: Pelosi Startled, Abruptly Leaves Podium At Press Event After "Let's Go Brandon" Chant

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Dec 20, 2021 - 09:40 PM

visibly startled and irate Democrat speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was flustered enough to halt her words mid-sentence, and quickly moved away from the podium at an outdoor press conference in San Francisco.

A heckler's voice had boomed from across the street with chants of "Let's Go Brandon!" followed by "USA, USA". Visibly frustrated by the man, she cut short her words during the presser and hastily introduced Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, also alongside San Francisco Mayor London Breed during the day on Monday. Watch the moment unfold...

The Pelosi-led media conference was intended to "highlight the historic bipartisan Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Law's investments in safer Bay Area streets."

However, it was Pelosi that apparently left feeling less than "safe" by the anti-Biden heckler, who was chanting the popular but highly censored meme phrase that's hilariously become code for "F**k Joe Biden"...

Yes, mainstream media pundits and Democrats in general have long talked about the phrase first uttered during an NBC interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown as actually "threatening".

Clearly the words got to her as she hesitated with the rest of her thought, and had a shocked look on her face.

Meanwhile, the phrase and meme are fast becoming the most censored words of 2021, yet still entire stadiums of fans at sports games now regularly in unison shout Let's go Brandon...even at high school or college games. Republican political rallies often erupt in the same, and rap videos topping the charts on iTunes, and with literally hundreds of viral TikTok videos taking up the #LetsGoBrandonChallenge.

And the more that official platforms try to censor it as "dangerous" and "hate speech" - the more it's been taking off. Now during the holidays, one can even buy "Let's Go Brandon" t-shirtsChristmas ornamentsstickers, and other merchandise to express how they feel about Biden. People have been fired from their jobs, or put under investigation, such as an airline pilot who dared to utter the phrase over the intercom during a flight.