Watch: Pro-Israel & Pro-Palestine Groups Violently Clash In Western Countries

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, May 17, 2021 - 10:39 AM

Over the weekend thousands across the United States attended pro-Palestinian marches and demonstrations on the streets of New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles - calling for an immediate end to the Israeli airstrikes which have killed about 200 people, many of them children.

Large demonstrations also popped up in Europe, including Paris despite authorities imposing a blanket ban on street protests through the French capital. Berlin and London also saw significant protest activity, with signs like "Free Palestine" and chants of "Long live the Intifada!". Events were also held in some large Canadian cities like Toronto. But in numerous places counter-protesters were present, waving Israeli flags while in some cases calling Palestinians "terrorists" - and that's where things got violent...

In a number of instances it appeared that Antifa groups merged with the pro-Palestine demonstrations, and proceeded to attack individuals that were part of pro-Israel counter-protests.

In another instance, in Winnipeg, Canada - police had to form a barrier to prevent two rival protest groups from clashing.

Via Winnipeg CTV News

And in London over the weekend...

One viral video from London showed an apparently Muslim man spewing hatred for Jews, calling on people to "rape their daughters"...

In some instances protesters took over roads and freeways - or at least attempted to...

Large protests as well as pro-Israel counter protests were held in Los Angeles. Near the court house the two groups were separated by barbed wire.

Such fierce demonstrations and counter-demonstrations are triggered every time there's a major fight between Gaza and Israel, particularly during the 2014 war.

Multiple thousands marched in Washington D.C. over the weekend, with most holding flags representing the Palestinian Authority.

Passions and tensions will continue to remain on edge into this week...

Such protest scenes are expected to continue, especially as Israel's leaders have vowed to continue airstrikes on Gaza, with one Israeli general over the weekend saying the army is capable of sustaining its operations "forever". 

Fighting has entered its second week, after about 3,000 total missiles launched on Israel from Gaza, killing at least ten Israeli civilians.

About 200 Palestinians, meanwhile, have been killed by airstrikes on Gaza - with up to one-third of these tragically being children.