Apple CEO Tim Cook Wins Restraining Order Against 'Deranged' Stalker

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 - 01:25 AM

Apparently, the fact that Apple CEO Tim Cook is openly gay hasn't prevented him from being assiduously stalked by a deranged woman reportedly seeking to become his "roommate".

The CEO once referred to by President Trump as "Tim Apple" has now been granted a temporary restraining order against a Virginia woman after his employer interceded on his behalf.

The woman, named Julia Lee Choi, is from McLean, Va. She reportedly sent messages to Cook saying she was "applying to be his roommate" and would be moving in, asking him to "empty the condo". Fox News reported that the woman showed up at Cook's home twice, and even sent him threatening photos of guns and bullets. Cook first became "aware" of her in October and November 2020, when she allegedly tweeted that she was Cook's "wife" and claimed that the CEO was the father of her two twins.

Choi then allegedly drove across the US from Virginia to Palo Alto to visit Cook. Local cops towed her Porsche Macan after stopping her and finding out she had an expired license.

What's perhaps more impressive is that she also created multiple fake organizations under Cook's name, according to court documents.

She even sent Cook emails accusing the CEO of "abusing" her: "I have to take mental medicine because of you," read an email she sent to Cook on Nov. 2, 2020.

An Apple security employee even wrote in the petition for the order that he had feared for his safety, along with that of his boss.

According to Bloomberg, the restraining order was issued Friday by the Santa Clara County Superior Court. It will expire March 29.

The order bars the woman from interacting with Cook and other Apple employees. She's also barred from entering any of the company's properties. The woman is also prohibited from buying guns and ammunition.