"Autopilot Is A Flawed System": Senator Ed Markey Urges Tesla To Rename Its Driver-Assistance Feature

While the NHTSA may not be catching on to Tesla's Autopilot disaster, it appears at least one senator has. 

Senator Ed Markey said on Friday that Tesla should rebrand its driver-assist technologies and take "additional steps to ensure drivers pay attention to the road while using the system," according to Bloomberg. Markey has been critical of Tesla's driver-assist feature dating back months. 

“Autopilot is a flawed system, but I believe its dangers can be overcome,” Markey said. 

Markey also said he believes that Autopilot "promotes confusion about the limits of the system and the name undermines user manuals and instructions stressing drivers must remain in control of the car."

Tesla has, of course, said that drivers should keep their hands on the wheel and stay attentive when using Autopilot. But, as we know, not everybody follows those recommendations.

Tesla responded to Senator Markey in hilarious fashion by claiming that Autopilot is "an advanced driver-assistance system" that is representative of Level 2 Automation and by once again blaming the driver for not operating the vehicle safely.

Recall, this is the same company whose CEO kept his hands off the wheel during a nationally televised demonstration of Autopilot and the very same CEO who stood on a stage years ago and promised that Tesla drivers would be able to "sleep" or "watch a movie" while in the driver's seat. 

Source: Tesla & Keubiko Twitter Graphic

Recall just days ago, we reported that Israel had banned the use of Autopilot. 

Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety has decided to "ground" Tesla's Autopilot feature and has told Tesla that it must notify the country's customers that they are not allowed to use the car's autonomous capabilities. 

NHTSA, it's your move.