Balls Of Steel: Twitter Calls B*llshit On Musk's "Video Proof" That Cybertruck Window Stunt Worked At Rehearsal

Unable to just move on with life and "take the L", as one Twitter user suggested Musk do, Elon Musk continues to propagate the notion that the Cybertruck armored window demonstration that led to his public humiliation on Thursday night actually went fine during rehearsal.

Musk tweeted on Friday afternoon: “We threw the same steel ball at same window several times right before event and didn’t even scratch the glass.”

Sure you did, Elon. 

Musk's Tweet elicited some skeptical responses, to put it mildly. 

Then, about 6 hours later, Musk posted a video of what was supposed to be the Cybertruck's windows withstanding the same impact during rehearsal. See? Case closed, problem solved. It was just a one-off mistake - that happened twice on two windows during the demonstration. 

Twitter immediately noticed that both the window and the door in the "rehearsal" video have tremendous amounts of give to them, moving in and out after the ball strikes the window.

It even looks as though the door to the truck may have been left open, as it pops forward after impact.

Of course, the well placed blanket over the drivers side door would prevent us from being able to tell if the door was, in fact, left open. It also would hide any potential dents or dings from the demonstration during the even where Musk's assistant hit the door with a sledge hammer. To put it simply: it's not a coincidence that the blanket is there - so why is it there?

Or take this very astute observation that there appears to be a wheel jack sitting next to the driver's side rear wheel, which we pointed out late last week was sitting at an awkward angle. 

Here's a photo of how the wheel was sitting on stage:

Verses some of the observations made about the "rehearsal" video:

On top of these inconsistencies, there's some additional questions we have. For instance, if Musk had this video of the rehearsal all along, why wait 6 hours after your initial explanation on Twitter about rehearsal - and only after skepticism about the rehearsal story grew - to finally post it?

As a reminder, during the demonstration on Thursday night, Musk's assistant gently threw a metal ball at the Cybertruck parked on stage, and the driver's side window promptly broke.

"Oh my fucking God," Musk nervously said, live on Tesla's webcast, after the front window shattered into a million pieces. 

But instead of harping on the incident and making matters worse for himself, regardless of whether or not the rehearsal video is legitimate or not, maybe Musk should just take Twitter's free advice: