Elon Musk Triggered Into Twitter-Rage As Internet Mercilessly Reminds Him Of Ghislaine Maxwell Photo

Elon Musk has spent a good portion of the long weekend so far defending himself on Twitter over a stir that was created when journalist Ken Klippenstein of The Nation decided to remind the internet of Musk's previous ties to Jeffrey Epstein, including a photograph of Musk with Ghislaine Maxwell.

This led Musk into a Twitter rage, lashing out at Klippenstein with memes, while Klippenstein reminded Musk of his history with Epstein...

...which eventually led to Musk, whining like a scorned child to his actual Twitter-sitter, Jack Dorsey, for help. As one social media user put it:

And Klippenstein himself replied to the Tweet with an emoji of a baby:

That whining to Twitter's censor-machine was, naturally, only after Musk himself referred to Klippenstein as a "douche-about-town" in an earlier Tweet.

Regardless, the internet has dutifully sided with Klippenstein and has spent the majority of its long weekend posting and re-posting this image and variants of the image.

Many posts about Musk and Musk's posts themselves have been ratioed with reminders of Musk's ties to Maxwell, regardless of how firm or how loose they may have been at the time. Other journalists have come to Klippenstein's defense, as well:

It has seemed to trigger Musk, who even apparently "gave permission" to his ex-wife Talulah Riley to come to his defense. She parroted a similar line as Musk's defense all weekend, which was essentially that he was "photobombed" by Maxwell. 

The note from Riley led to some other obvious sounding conclusions...

And the ties to Epstein aren't exactly a huge surprise for us to hear about, either.

Recall, back in 2018, we wrote that Jeffrey Epstein had told a New York Times columnist that he was helping Elon Musk find a new chairman for Tesla. The columnist wrote at the time that he contacted Epstein to begin with in August 2018 because he had “heard a rumor that he was advising Tesla’s embattled chief executive, Elon Musk, who was in trouble after announcing on Twitter that he had lined up the funding to take Tesla private.”

"I’d heard that Mr. Epstein was compiling a list of candidates at Mr. Musk’s behest — and that Mr. Epstein had an email from Mr. Musk authorizing the search for a new chairman."

When the columnist met Epstein in 2018, he pushed him on the purported e-mail, only to be told it was from "someone close" to Musk, and not Musk himself:

When I pressed him on the purported email from Mr. Musk, he said the email wasn’t from Mr. Musk himself, but from someone very close to him. He wouldn’t say who that person was. I asked him if that person would talk to me, and he said he’d ask. He later said the person declined; I doubt he asked.