Fake Doctor Elon Musk Ridiculed By Real Doctors Into Deleting Tweet About "Lung Strength"

We all know that one of Elon Musk's favorite things to do is to opine on things he has no idea about while trying to sound smart. And this weekend we found out, surprisingly, that not only is Musk not a physicist and not an engineer, but he's also not a doctor.

The internet was offered up a treat when a doctor interrupted an ongoing Twitter discussion Musk was having about health issues related to the coronavirus. 

While trying to defend the idea that doctors are rushing to put patients on intubation - which is an argument Musk was seemingly making to defend his half-assed gesture of sending hospitals BiPAP machines instead of ventilators - Musk at one point said it depended on patient "lung strength".

One doctor immediately responded, tongue-in-cheek: "Please send tests for lung strength."

It was that response that went viral and drew attention to Musk's comments. So many people weighed in, in fact, that Musk actually deleted his Tweet, a rare move of acknowledging defeat from a guy that called someone else a "pedo" and then took them all the way through a trial. 

Needless to say, however, doctors on social media didn't seem to enjoy Musk's take:

And others on social media went off too:

Musk's penchant for spewing bullshit in fields which he has no qualifications or know-how is why we have widely covered videos by Thunderf00t on YouTube. The name "Thunderf00t" is the alias of Phil Mason, a British chemist and video blogger who has become well-known for posting YouTube videos that criticize, among other things, pseudoscience. 

He famously dismantled The Boring Company's tunnel reveal in a scathing video at the end of 2018 and most recently poured cold water on Musk's idea of a Roadster with rocket boosters.

But it's been a while since an expert in a field stepped in and made Musk look foolish - that's a task Musk has been performing well on his own, arguing with local officials over closing his factory, disregarding the global pandemic, insulting the frontline healthcare workers trying to save lives and trying to pass off $1,000 sleep apnea machines as $50,000 ventilators while demanding social media testimonials about how wonderful he is.

As these gems were unfolding, his brother and Tesla board member, Kimbal Musk, appeared to be bilking money from his restaurant staff. 

Just another day in the life of "Dr. Musk" - which was at one point trending on Twitter.