First-Ever Electric Hummer Debuts This Fall, Faster Than Tesla Model 3

GMC is set to unveil the first-ever all-electric High Utility Maximum Mobility Easy Rider, otherwise known as Hummer, this fall. 

"The First-Ever GMC HUMMER EV has zero limits, and our open-air design provides powerful proof. For the unique open-air experience, easily remove the four roof panels and front T-bar to let the world in. We'll continue to keep you informed as we prepare to show the world our revolutionary all-electric, zero emissions, zero limits super truck," GMC's website said. 

GMC makes some very impressive claims, first, it says the new electric Hummer will have 1,000 horsepower, able to rocket the vehicle from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. Now, wow, that's supercar fast, if true... 

A press release by GMC said the "all-electric super truck" would be unveiled to the public this fall and "will begin production in fall 2021." 

"GMC announced today that its all-electric super truck will debut later this fall and will begin production in fall 2021. Details about the GMC HUMMER EV’s remarkable on- and off-road capabilities will be shared closer to its reveal," the release said. 

Not much is known about the design, but here are some behind-the-scenes shots of what the unfinished all-electric Hummer looks like. 

A promotional video of the new electric vehicle was recently released. 

The electric Hummer appears to be faster in 0-60 mph takeoff than the Tesla Model 3 Performance.