General Dynamics Releases New Video Of Its Next-Generation Assault Rifle

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics, tweeted a new video of its next-generation assault rifle. 

Defense Blog said General Dynamics is developing the weapon for the Army's Next Generation Squad Weapon – Automatic Rifle (NGSR-AR) program. 

The NGSR-AR is expected to replace the M249 squad automatic weapon, while the NGSW-R (Rifle) will replace M4 carbine. 

NGSR-AR and NGSW-R are expected to replace the current field weapons in the next several years. 

These new weapons are expected to include "sophisticated technologies such as ballistic calculation, intelligent targeting and tracking capabilities, wireless communication and advanced camera-based capabilities," said Defense Blog. 

We've noted before, NGSR-AR and NGSW-R's firepower will be able to shoot at much greater distances, able to penetrate the world's most advanced body armor. The weapons are expected to be lightweight and have reduced acoustic and flash signature.

Last week, the Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) granted Sig Sauer a safety certification for its new MG 338 Machine Gun, 338 Norma Mag Ammunition, and Next Generation Suppressors.

Last year, Textron Systems' AAI Corporation delivered its next-generation machine gun to the Army that chambers a telescoped round between 6.5mm and 6.8mm and is expected to be another weapon that could replace either the M249 or M4 carbine. 

The Pentagon, flush with new cash from President Trump's $2 trillion military spending spree, is expected to fully outfit combat troops with next-generation weapons in the next 2-4 years.