India Says "Not To Subscribe To Starlink" Until It Gets Licence

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Nov 28, 2021 - 03:25 PM

The Indian government instructed people against preordering Elon Musk's Starlink space internet service because it doesn't have an operating agreement in the country. 

In a press release on Friday, India's Department of Telecommunications outlined how "Starlink has started pre-selling/booking of the satellite-based Starlink Internet Services" but doesn't have licenses to operate in the country. 

"For rendering satellite-based services in India, requisite license(s) from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India are required. It is hereby informed to the public at large that the said company has not obtained any license/authorization for rendering satellite-based internet services that are being booked on their website," DoT said. 

"Accordingly, the Government has asked the company to comply with the Indian regulatory framework for rendering the satellite-based communication services and refrain from booking/rendering the satellite internet services in India with immediate effect," the department said. It warned, "given the fact that Starlink is not a licensee, the public is advised not to subscribe to Starlink services being advertised." 

In April, Starlink faced scrutiny from the DoT for possible violations of India's telecom laws.

Reuters noted Starlink registered its business in India on Nov. 1. It has advertised and sold pre-selling of its service. Starlink plans for 200,00 customers in the country by 2022, with 80% of users in the countryside where the internet is non-existent. 

Starlink timelines have been unreliable so far. In the US, thousands of customers who put down a $100 deposit to secure a dish were just told by the company to wait another year. 

Musk is a notorious salesman who overpromises and underdelivers, and Indians should wait until after Starlink receives licenses to preorder. Then expect delivery of the space internet system to take a year or so, considering that's been the trend everywhere else.