Porsche Increases Taycan Production Capacity After Overwhelming Demand

Porsche has increased its production capacity for the Taycan, the company's first 750 HP electric vehicle that has been a monster thorn in Elon Musk's side, according to the pro-Tesla automatons over at electrek. 

Porsche made an announcement on Wednesday, stating: 

“The company increases production in Zuffenhausen for the first purely electrically powered sports car. This is Porsche’s response to the great worldwide demand for the electric sports car, which celebrated its world premiere at the beginning of September.”

Porsche says that more than 20,000 prospective buyers have made deposits, but a Porsche executive also put that number at 30,000. 

"Taycan’s original production capacity was 20,000 units. This continues to be the requirement for the first year of production. By increasing its workforce by the end of the second quarter of 2020, Porsche is providing itself with the necessary flexibility to be able to produce more units if necessary,” the company said. 

It's also adding another 500 jobs at its factory and headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen for the Taycan. This brings the total Taycan workforce to 2,000. 

Andreas Haffner, Member of the Executive Board for Human Resources and Social Affairs at Porsche, said:

“With the Taycan, we are showing that e-mobility is by no means a job killer. Rather, we are underlining its future viability, especially in the sports car segment.

In addition, more than 32,000 applications show how great the interest is in shaping the future of the sports car together with us.”

Recall, Tesla unexpectedly fired more workers after several rounds of layoffs during the first quarter of 2019. It has also been a non-stop sieve of executive departures for the better part of the last half decade, most recently culminating with CTO J.B. Straubel distancing himself from the company. 

The Taycan has been well received since its introduction in September and Porsche introduced a higher end version of the vehicle last month. 

Recall, just days ago, another pro-Tesla blog was forced to admit that the Taycan made the Tesla Model 3's acceleration feel like "Dad's Honda Accord". 

Hear that, Elon? That's the sound of your sycophants slowly slipping out the back door...