Russian YouTubers Create Gas-Powered Replica Of Tesla's Cybertruck Using A Hatchback And Some Sheet Metal

Who knows how long it could be before Tesla finally starts production and delivery of its Cybertruck? Given the company's timelines of days past, it could be years. 

Maybe that's why a group of three men in Russia decided they were just going to make their own knock off of the truck, from a gas powered car, according to Business Insider. And so, that's exactly what the YouTube channel Pushka Garazh - which translates to "Gun Garage" in English - did. 

And they did it using an early model of a Russian made hatchback. The men started with this: a Lada Samara, a hatchback created by Russian car maker AvtoVAZ.

The group spent about $1,300 USD to create the replica, spray painting the hatchback after covering the car in sheet metal. However, at 13 feet long, the replica is about 6 feet shorter than the actual Cybertruck. 

The replica, however, doesn't have any doors (just like a Model S in the winter!). So people that want to get in and out are forced to go through the trunk.

The guys even added Tesla branded hubcaps and a horizontal beam brakelight, like the one found on the actual Cybertruck. The replica is also gas powered.

The garage has put the vehicle up for sale for about $10,700, or 666,666 rubles.

It has even been spotted near Russia's capital and has cause "quite a stir" on social media. 

If you ask us, they did a great job in re-creating the overall hideousness of the vehicle. Given how shoddy it looks, we're sure those on the street lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the replica likely had no problem believing it was the real thing. 

You can watch the entire episode where they build the replica here: