Shocking Satire Shows 'Boston Dynamics' Testing New Robotic Super-Soldier

Satire, or not, the following clip offers a tragicomical view of the world not so far in the future when a robot super-soldier "will take a lickin' and keep on tickin'", shrugging off bee attacks, hockey-stick hammerings, direct rear and frontal kick-boxing assaults, and still obey the three laws of robotics (to humans as well as dogs)...

Scared much?

As @CalebJHull tweeted: "Climate change isn’t going to kill us. These things are."

We do wonder just how willingly the Military-Industrial Complex will transition forces to these 'super-soldiers' in the future - no MREs, no latrines, no mission-limiting fatigue - just non-taxpaying robots doing their overlords' bidding.