Shocking Photos: Two Seriously Injured After Tesla Slams Into Parked Firetruck (Again)

Two vehicle occupants have been seriously injured after a Tesla slammed into the back of a Cloverdale Township Volunteer Fire Department Truck early Sunday morning. According to the Greencastle Banner-Graphic, the accident took place in Cloverdale, IN.

The fire truck was in the eastbound lands of the interstate, responding to an earlier wreck, when a Tesla ran into the rear of the truck, causing "heavy damage" to both. 

Reports from the scene indicated that both the driver and the passenger were unconscious and trapped. There is no word yet on whether or not Autopilot played a role in the accident. 

Both occupants were extricated from the vehicle and the Indiana State Police said that the accident involved “serious personal injury.”

Recall, this is not the first time a Tesla has slammed into the back of an inanimate fire truck. In 2018, an accident  occurred when a driver smashed into the back of a fire truck in Southern California. That driver was found to have been "looking down" at "what appeared to be a mobile phone" while the car's Autopilot was engaged, according to Bloomberg.

The NTSB revealed in preliminary reports on Tuesday that a witness statement from the collision corroborated this conclusion, which was also supported by additional data released by investigators. 

The driver had engaged Autopilot, which had been active for 13 minutes and 48 seconds prior to the accident. The driver's hands were not on the wheel for the "majority of the time" it was engaged, according to Tesla data provided to the NTSB.