Tesla App To Remotely Control Cars Crashes Across Europe With "503" Error

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023 - 09:15 AM

European Tesla drivers tweeted Tuesday that their mobile smartphone app to control their vehicles has crashed. Some complained remote functions ceased to work as the app read "503 Server Maintenance." 

The Tesla App allows drivers to remotely view the status of their vehicles, lock or unlock doors, manage climate control, and control charging. The inability to access the app could create headaches for drivers. 

One of the first tweets about the Tesla App being down was from a person in Germany on Tuesday morning. 

The outage appears to be across multiple EU countries. 

Someone noted:

Tesla has historically not utilized the HTTP Code 503 for proper maintenance and instead occurs during unexpected downtimes. We also see 500, 504, and 502 errors, which speaks more to the current status.

The good news is Tesla owners can still unlock or lock their vehicles via Bluetooth and the keycard. 

People say this issue has been shared on forums "everywhere" today, while Tesla has yet to announce an issue.