Tesla Posts Video Of Engineers Working On Ventilator Prototype Made From Tesla Car Parts

Just days after we reported that Elon Musk had sent several boxes of sleep apnea machines to New York under the guise of buying ventilators for help with the coronavirus, Tesla has now posted a video of their engineers working on a "prototype" ventilator.

The "prototype", posted on Sunday night, relies heavily on using Tesla car parts, according to one of the engineers in the video.

And despite Musk saying more than two weeks ago that he was going to open his factory to produce ventilators - and while other companies are already setting up factory space for a ventilator production line - there was no timeline for production specified in Tesla's video, according to Reuters.

“There’s still a lot of work to do, but we’re giving it our best effort,” an engineer in the video said.

Recall, in late March Ford said they aimed to produce 50,000 ventilators over the course of 100 days at a plant they have in Michigan, in cooperation with General Electric.

It was one day later that Musk said he was going to supply FDA approved ventilators free of cost to NY hospitals. Then, he donated several boxes of 5 year old sleep apnea machines instead.

As for Tesla's ventilators? We honestly hope they can get them off the line and produced.

And we hope there's no "ludicrous speed" mode.