Tesla Reportedly Sending Workers Back To Fremont Before Stay-At-Home Orders Expire

So far, Elon Musk has done nothing but embarrass himself and show blatant disregard for his employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

He argued with Alameda County about having to shut down his Fremont factory and, in January, said that panic around the virus was "dumb". He took a stab at frontline workers, saying Doctors were too "scared" to help coronavirus patients. He even made an empty promise of donating ventilators before sending hospitals sleep apnea machines instead.

Which is why we weren't surprised to hear the news that Tesla is calling some of its workers back to its lone U.S. assembly plant next week, before stay-at-home orders in the Bay Area are set to expire. 

Some staff in the paint and stamping operations of the Fremont factory were told to report back to the facility on April 29, according to Bloomberg. The staff were then asked, via e-mail, to respond to the company and confirm that they would be showing up. 

It was previously Tesla's intent to re-start operations at the factory on May 4, which is a day after the area's stay-at-home orders expire. Fremont hasn't produced vehicles since March 23 and a recent analysis by Credit Suisse estimates that the factory's shutdown is costing Tesla about $300 million in cash per week. 

Recall, on March 18, we reported that Tesla still had employees going into the factory despite a warning from the Alameda County Sheriff. Two days after Tesla's delayed close, on March 26, it was reported that two Tesla employees had tested positive for coronavirus.

The Fremont factory employs (employed) more than 10,000 workers and was planning a ramp up in Model Y production. 

Earlier this month, on April 8, we reported that Tesla had furloughed a majority of its workers and cut employee pay through the end of Q2.