Is Tesla Shoving It In Trump's Face By Producing Cars In China To Skirt Tariffs?

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Dec 27, 2019 - 10:05 PM

Once again it seems like the rules apply to everyone - except Tesla.

First it was "Funding Secured", argued to be one of the most blatant examples of securities fraud in recent history - all but ignored by the SEC. Then it was scores of Tesla vehicles involved in various "Autopilot" related accidents - all but ignored by the NHTSA.

Now it's moving to China to produce vehicles in order to skirt tariffs - all but ignored by President Trump.

Tesla is now going to be delivering Model 3 vehicles built in its Shanghai factory effective Monday, according to Reuters. Construction of the plant began in January and production started in October. Tesla's goal is to produce 250,000 vehicles a year at the factory, after the Model Y is added to the line. 

The first 15 cars to roll off the line on December 30 will go to employees.

Elon Musk, pretending to give a shit. 

The factory will be delivering cars just 357 days after the factory's construction started. We also recently reported that Musk was somehow able to procure a $1.4 billion loan from various Chinese banks at a 10% discount to the prime rate. 

That's right, nothing to see here, President Trump...

The China made cars are priced at $50,000 before subsidies and Tesla wants to have deliveries in full swing by January 25. China is the world's biggest EV market and sold 1.3 million NEVs last year. 

Tesla is also working to build infrastructure in China, setting up service centers and charging stations across the country.

We can't help but ask: With all of the outrage Trump has directed toward conventional manufacturers like General Motors and Carrier - why does Elon Musk and Tesla once again get a pass?