Tesla Model S "Spontaneously" Erupts In Flames On California Highway

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023 - 01:40 AM

President Biden's green new world of more electric vehicles on US highways might result in increasing lithium fires -- if that's because of a crash or perhaps a 'spontaneous' battery fire.

The latest incident occurred on Saturday when a Model S "spontaneously" burst into flames on a California freeway. 

On Saturday, the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District tweeted footage of a Tesla Model S engulfed in flames. 

"The fire was extinguished with approx 6,000 gallons of water, as the battery cells continued to combust," the fire department said. 

Several years ago, we pointed out one Tesla fire took at least 20 tons of water to extinguish. For some context, it only takes 3 tons of water to put out a gasoline car fire. 

Traditional fire extinguishers, such as foam and water, are ineffective at extinguishing lithium fires. A class-D dry powder extinguisher is certified for combating battery fires, though many fire departments across the country are not prepared to fight battery fires

Tesla states in a firefighting manual that "large amounts of water" are needed to extinguish a car battery fire. It even said these fires could last as long as 24 hours. 

Someone might need to explain to Biden and his administration that the shift to EVs isn't as 'ESG-friendly' as it's perceived to be.