Tesla's Model Y Is Getting Horrific Quality Reviews

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 22, 2020 - 12:35 PM

Recall just a couple days ago we wrote that Tesla was having issues with ramping up production of its Model Y. And it looks like whatever the company is doing to try and rush vehicles out the door is being reflected in the poor quality of the vehicles when they reach their owners. 

We say this because the only hype Tesla's Model Y seems to be getting is a litany of complaints about its quality online. And it isn't just social media reports, names like Forbes and Electrek have also weighed in with articles critical of Tesla's newest Model. Complaints include issues with paint, trim issues, indentations on the seats and even loose seatbelts.

Even Kelly Blue Book was forced to make note of the awful quality of the vehicle it tested on its YouTube channel: “As for quality issues. Our car’s b-pillar trim doesn’t fit right and neither does this lower bumper trim, the rear door alignment is slightly off, the rear seats are similarly uneven, and there’s a loud rattle coming from the rear somewhere.

Electrek pointed out that one of the biggest problems a potential owner had when going to pick up his car was that "the backseat wasn't attached to its base".

One owner even sent the blog a photo of his backseats coming off, telling Electrek that he was "extremely disappointed by the quality control" of his vehicle.

Even the pro-Tesla bloggers at Electrek had to admit:

We covered the Model 3 launch closely and it certainly wasn’t without quality issues, but it was nothing like the reports I am seeing for Model Y these days.

Of course, what we don’t see are the happy Model Y owners reporting deliveries of flawless vehicles because they are too busy enjoying their new car, but I wouldn’t chalk this up to a vocal minority having issues here.

This video of the Model Y shortcomings was posted on YouTube:

And other samplings from social media also show many of the Model Y flaws: