US Installing 'Virtual' AI-Border Wall To Monitor Threats  

President Trump, back in September, accidentally spilled the beans of a new technology embedded on the US-Mexico border wall. 

Trump told reporters that the steel bollard-style wall that's made of hollow, vertical steel beams filled with concrete and rebar, would be  "wired - so that we will know if somebody is trying to break through."

Ten months later, the new monitoring system the president could've been referring to is now being installed on a stretch of the wall, reported AFP News

Silicon Valley startup Anduril Industries has been granted a multi-million dollar contract to secure the border via an unmanned monitoring system based on artificial intelligence.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) quietly pilot-tested Anduril's autonomous surveillance towers for the last several years, can detect the source of a breach by using artificial intelligence and optical sensors. 

CBP is expected to install upwards of 200 smart towers by 2022, will alert agents of a breach, and if action is required. 

"These towers give agents in the field a significant leg-up against the criminal networks that facilitate the illegal cross-border activity," Rodney Scott, chief of the CBP's enforcement arm Border Patrol, said in a statement.

"The more our agents know about what they encounter in the field, the more safely and effectively they can respond," said Scott. 

Ahead of the election, about 10% of the president's wall has been constructed, or about 200 miles out of the 2,000 miles - along with other measures - has so far led to a significant drop in illegal immigration over the border.  

Billionaire Peter Thiel backs Anduril, and security contractor Palantir told the Washington Post the deal to secure the whole border with autonomous surveillance towers is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Thiel, a huge supporter of the president, has reportedly abandoned the president's reelection campaign because of the COVID-19 crisis, reported Business Insider. 

Listen to Anduril founder Palmer Luckey discuss creating a "virtual border wall:" 

Virtual border wall it is...