You Can Now Have A Tiny Home Office 3D-Printed In 24 Hours 

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020 - 07:45 PM

As the new workplace normal moves rapidly towards remote work, demand for smaller, smart satellite workplaces has increased. Not too long ago, we noted how some Americans were shelling out as much as $30,000 for tiny home offices in their backyards. 

Now, a California-based startup, called Might Buildings, is 3D printing tiny offices (about a 350 square foot structure) in just 24-hours, reported Spectrum News 1 Los Angeles.

While we showed other companies, such as Colorado-based Studio Shed, using traditional labor and materials, Might Buildings uses synthetic stone 3D printed under UV light to make complex shapes and structures. 

"We developed a 3D printing technology that allows us to build and manufacture buildings faster and more efficiently than traditional construction," said Natalia Dobrynina, head of sales for Mighty Buildings. 

Might Buildings says the building plans are pre-approved for any county in California. 

"Depending on your access to your site, we could use a crane to pick it up and drop it into your backyard," Dobrynina said.

Watch Might Buildings 3D-Print Tiny Office 

And if it is not a tiny home office people are seeking, then there's the ability to transform it into a tiny home and generate rental income.