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I am nobody.
I am a noob.
I got no economics education in school and I did not save in my youth.
Then I found a copy of Michael Maloney's Gold Silver Investing book. I was intrigued.
I read it twice and consulted his Web site.
Early last year, he posted a video with Peter Schiff. I was intrigued again.
I hunted down Schiff's videos on YouTube. Whoa. I got it and it made sense. I wanted more.
I went to both their sites every day and noticed that both quoted Zero Hedge regularly.
Now I'm here.
I'm trying to learn. This is an excellent school.
If the crash comes, thanks to Mike, Peter, the Tylers, and the ZH comments, I will prosper.
I do not criticize, because I'm new. But as I learn, I will make comments, embedded in my odd sense of humor.
The more I learn, the more I'll comment. Your up votes are like grades to me. Thanks for the education.


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