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My education was in Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Physiology, and Computer Science. My patents have been in parallel and distributed processing. My peer-reviewed publications have been in Natural Language Processing, Computational Neurophysiology, and Machine Learning. My career has been in tech, media, hedge funds, banks, and market analytic services.

I own a lot of Monero (traded under the ticker XMR at exchanges such as Poloniex) because I think privacy/fungibility are critically important to moneyness, because it is scalable, and because I expect that during the coming demographic crash era (centering around 2024-2027) governments and extra-legal extortionists alike will seek and seize by hook or by crook any funds saved in a traceable, linkable medium, such as fiat currency, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. I also stack gold and silver, but in lesser amounts because they are too easily taken, unless you can afford to diversify custodianship jurisdictionally, and I (almost can but actually) can't. I encourage everyone to buy some XMR, including my friends, family, loved ones. So far they have all done extremely well on this advice, and I expect them to continue to do extremely well over the coming decade.

The bulk of my market activity consists of short-term speculative trading in F/X, swaps, and futures, but I am generally disinclined to give advice on these matters, as my models are very short-horizon and rarely useful to others. I once managed funds, but I had to give it up because it was literally killing me. These markets trade 24 hours, and I just couldn't sleep knowing that other people's savings were under my responsibility and subject to overnight risk.


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