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I happen to work in investment banking.
I rant about economics and politics.

I'm a hardcore marxist capitalist, if there is such a thing. I believe in free markets, and I believe in the civilising hand of a redistributive government.

But over everything else I believe in justice and fairness. I'm a skeptical humanist who views our species as falliable, and that markets and authority alike, when left alone would lead to rampant abuse, and so we need both collectivism and individualism to keep the system honest.

I believe in meritocracy and in the rewards of hard work and wealth creation, but not to the obscene extent of the 1% parasitic class and dynastic rentiers, and not if the elites got there by the sword or by foul play even generations ago.

I'm a liberal in the sense of the enlightenment and even at times a libertarian. At the same time I believe in rule of law and the benefits of Pax Romana. Goverments, laws, fairness imposed by monoploy of force are all we have to keep us from killing each other. It really works. Until it doesn't. But I'm also naturally suspicious of monopoly of authority. I believe in a strong civil society to guard against tyranny.

If anything, I'm a fabian socialist with enlightenment liberal values, a universalist and internationalist, a communard. In short I look to idealism as a beacon, but I'm a realist and a pragmatist.

The following piece on Taxation will give you a sense of the political landscape I'm developing.…


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