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French lit major, BA in '75. Bicycled around Western Europe and 'behind the Iron Curtain' with a bunch of French ecologists in '78 and '79. Taught French in a Private School in Sun Valley ID til 1988, then moved to Manhattan. At age of 40-41, finished my MBA (financed by my employer Credit Lyonnais) in '93, grew into a capital markets risk manager, from French bank to a Dutch bank, managing global teams covering hedge fund risk, then to BNY Mellon to help set up risk platform for clearing derivatives. Ick. Bad gov't regulation driven business model which failed and I was downsized in 2014 age 62. Who hires a 62-year old woman risk manager in a Dodd Frank world, so I sometimes refer to myself as an Obama casualty. Not ready to say the word 'retired' yet but Jeff (MY ball & chain since 1997) and I sold the NYC apt and moved to the weekend country house full-time, kind of like Mr. and Mrs. Cog. Jeff still works 4 days a wk in Manhattan and the teachable moment is this: if you rob the cradle, Mr. Right won't be able to retire as soon as you can. But NOW I have found Two Ice Floes, ZeroHedge, Patreon, and deep stuff on the Deep State. Thank you!


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