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Top 10 Signs and Symptoms of being a victim of NWO (or insert whatever name you hold to be representative of the few who wish to control the many) propaganda:
First, the ground level assumptions the NWO is not desirable because it limits freedom of choice, doing this, limits the survivability of our species. For example the probability of and then possibility of the next Nikola Tesla or Einstein being born and then having the right circumstances to flourish and advance our knowledge and understanding in tangible ways that benefit our survivability are lost when that person is never born or is fighting for food to survive, or cannot concentrate because of something as simple as the ambient noise. Additionally and not least of all is the real everyday impact on the total misery content of our planet. Existence of our species forever is not and should not be at the expense of the Biological, Psychological, and Social wellbeing of the individual.
• As a thought experiment consider where and when the next scientific breakthrough will come from. Let us first rephrase what a “breakthrough” is. A breakthrough is a new way of putting together the available information to solve a problem. New ideas come most readily from happy people with freedom of choice to pursue a new path. When we allow the majority of people to be hindered by life circumstances we slow our development as a species by feeding the negative cycles that weigh us down. Things such as: overpopulation, wars, disease, famine, pestilence. These are fed by the lack of understanding fostered in adverse living conditions and made worse by the sense of having to defend oneself at the expense of others because there is no real safety.
1. If you believe that letting the wealthy have almost unlimited amounts of money will create jobs in the absence of a demand for products.
a. This means tax cuts without an increase in money available for the consumer to spend is like turning down the temperature on an air conditioner to get the house to cool faster.
2. If you believe that the sexes and races are all literally equal. Evolution has specialized us as sexes and races to survive and reproduce in widely varying conditions. We are not equal but we are all equally valuable.
a. The tasks required to produce and raise the next generation mirror Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We must take care of physiological needs, safety needs, social needs etc. To do this we have by virtue of evolution divided up the tasks; on the average- men are good at manual labor, women are good at verbal reasoning and socialization. This fact is not without exception and did not evolve to be a fixed rigid role. In fact, the ability to exchange work roles makes us more survivable as a species. The simplest anecdotal observance shows that given equal opportunity we each have something we gravitate towards because of evolution moving us to find the task more rewarding and ultimately easy.
3. If you believe that our current political systems are the best we can do.
a. Politicians will lose their access to unearned money if the political system is fixed. Of course they say it is complicated and dangerous to change—my 2 year old uses the same arguments to avoid things he doesn’t want to do, such as saying he’s hungry when it’s bath time and he is not feeling a bath right now.
b. The current political systems have deliberately done away with the accountability once afforded by the tribe. In a small group setting the relative value of a person’s contributions are easily seen and those not contributing are close at hand to feel the guilt and anger of those in the tribe. We need to bring back a form of tribal awareness and punishment for those not contributing. This applies to the wealthy, who are like a cancer- ever demanding more and more of the bodies blood supply- to the point of death; this also applies to the poor, who may be likened to the cells in a starving body- they do not have the resources to perform and so do not- they find alternative ways to survive that produce toxic byproducts.
4. If you believe the school system is set up to create successful citizens and a stable permanent society.
a. If schools were designed to help society they would enable everyone to succeed. This would mean there should be practical skills involved with making society work. Skills such as how to get along with others- to temper your desire to control others “for their own good”, or because they “owe” you. The base of our laws should start at it being wrong or “illegal” to harm another Biologically, Psychologically, or Socially. The only exception to this would of course be to stop someone from doing those things. That can be a tremendous matter of perspective and hence the necessity for true juries of peers.
b. All problems you can see in society should be actively addressed and thoughtful education should occur.
5. If you believe man’s laws make things acceptable to do.
a. The number of laws should never be so extensive that the average person cannot know them all. To achieve this end we need broad laws such as you may not willfully cause physical injury to another unless it is in self-defense. The gray areas should be determined by juries not judges.
b. Laws passed by those politicians who are befuddled, corrupt or both are not legal. The current massive volumes of books contain laws that largely were written so that a few could do something wrong and point to it being “legal”. These laws must be dropped to achieve a sensible level of instruction on how to work together as a society.
6. If you believe taxes must exist.
a. Local governments are necessary in some aspects, but not in a permanent money requiring way.
b. There should be no taxes collected for simply being alive, such as a property tax. ‘We should not take grandma’s house away because she is retired and has a subsistence farm’. Further taxation allows the politician class to be lazy about why and how the money is spent- justifications are hidden behind closed doors and are highly susceptible to misuse and being hidden by placating words.
c. Taxes are a vehicle of the non-producers, the parasites, the lazy.
d. The citizenry should be educated and informed- by an education system designed to enable this- so that when society collectively needs to accomplish something money will be freely given when those serving as leaders ask. Those who do / do not contribute and why can simply be noted and published so that the natural discourse and pride / guilt of those who do / do not agree is shown to all so that those who want to spend the money can see why so many do / do not agree and thereby spark reaching a natural compromise.
7. You believe the health care act was a way to help the poor.
a. Produced no tangible result in life expectancy.
b. Set the precedent for national government dictated purchases, for the “greater good” of course. This is another example of people (CEO’s as representatives of their businesses) claimed hardship and needed money= corporate welfare=welfare for the poor all wrongheaded solutions. As an example of what I would call a right minded solution we should try monetary rewards for things like 100% attendance at school gets the parents 5k. Money to spend equals increased demand(including for useful things like health care) and we get kids and parents to support their half of the unwritten bargain with schools (schools of course need massive improvement.)
8. You believe that because a certain news agency, government etc. person said something it must be true.
a. All persons, and agencies by extension, are corruptible usually by greed, but sometimes coerced etc.
b. Being presented with words written and spoken can affect your beliefs be very skeptical (thank a global warming skeptic and seek the truth in pursuit of a reasonable compromise)
9. You believe a central controlled anything is a good idea.
a. At first these groups may work, but without an absolute check on their power they all become tools of the greedy sociopath and facilitate the collapse of society.
b. The check on power should ultimately rest with an informed citizenry and the penalty of death for treason against the human species.
10. (the bonus tip, really just the tip) You have not questioned why we do not have days (all national state and local elections should be off) off to vote, yet we get “presidents day” off to ……. Buy cars? Really, WTF

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