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Are you having trouble gaining an edge as a retail trader? You are not alone. The major markets are largely manipulated by institutional players and that makes your trading life difficult. If you want to effectively “beat the street,” you either have to swim with the whales or understand when the big money is moving in and out of the market.

My name is Justin Burkhardt, trader and investor. I focus on equities in the mid to large-cap space, utilizing tactical strategies that give me an effective edge in today’s market. My primary method is a modified version of Elliott Wave Analysis which I use to both frame the market and determine what the general biases are. I have been in and out of the market for well over a decade and certainly bring a degree of experience that will be beneficial for the family of traders

As a trader, my strengths are found in swing-trading stocks between $10 to $80′s in price. On an occasional basis I will scalp the market when the opportunity is too good to pass up. I keep profit targets conservative because long-term viability and volatility do not go hand-in-hand in this market. Like you, I value my hard earned dollars, so I strive to maximize reward while minimizing risk.


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