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Me: Libertarian, Constitutional Literalist who demands facts and disregards unfounded conspiracy theories.

My Philosophy: The idea of America, as enshrined in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution takes precedence over any ill-conceived domestic or foreign policy, and missteps in those areas are the direct responsibility of the complacent and irresponsible voters. They are not the results of flaws in the idea of America.

I challenge any who question the idea of America to offer a better alternative. Many criticise America, but they fail to say where else the average person still enjoys more individual liberties or the ability to become obese and afford new rims and a sound system for their vehicles and flat-screen TVs without working.

There is an agenda to divide America by undermining our national identity by delegitimizing the founding ideals upon which the real American national identity are based. Criticism of individual erroneous policies serve as some of the means of accomplishing that objective.

Those who call for America's destruction are either foreigners who are jealous of America's position in the world or are Americans whose own individual miseries leave them wishing for everyone else to share in their misfortunes.


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