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Not realizing that my application would be subject to review I did not provide a biography with my first application, which remains in the to be reviewed stage. In order to mitigate that omission I provide the following brief bio:
Education: Grad--MIT and U of C, in Political Science. I am a behaviorist with a focus on Political Culture, Comparative Politics, area concentration China specifically, "Asia" generally, dissertation emphasis--political participation, used American context.

I am a writer and editor and teach Political Science at a college in VT most semesters. I teach various topics in American Politics in addition to comparative.

Those are the facts. I enjoy lively discourse, and laugh at irreverence. American popular culture in many contexts never ceases to amuse me. I am open to all trains of thought and opinion, but perhaps less accepting of some than others. That said, I am eager to join the conversation at Zero Hedge.


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