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Collector of:

- Imperial & WWII Militaria

- Antique Furniture

- Coins (US and Spanish Colonial)

- Art (Classicism, Romanticism and other REAL art, not this no-talent bullshit that's passed-off as art today)

- Sculpture (1st generation bronzes, mostly 19th century French artists such as the Moreaus; I also have a few Austrian pieces.

- Edged Weapons (Early American, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian)

- Knives (Fighting knives, mostly)

- Ethnographic art & artifacts (Pacific Northwest, Africa, Burma, early name it).

- Maps, Prints, and Engravings.

- Gadget canes

And a lot more...

Let's face it, you have to do something with the money...and getting monthly statements is pretty boring, if you ask me.

Over the years, I've always gotten a kick out of these financial experts that try to sell people on 401k's using this analogy of "$25k invested at age 18, and assuming a return of 8% annualized" story.

To me, 8% isn't even worth getting out of bed for...and most of my buying over the years had (unrealized) triple-digit returns built-in at the time of purchase.

When I started building my collections, prices were a fraction of what they are today, but I still find terrific bargains, even now.

Anyway, I'm always up for discussing this kind of stuff. If you're scratching your head about where to put your money, don't hesitate to ask me for ideas. Unlike most people, I don't charge for my expertise.


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