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A New DC Mission Statement

It is official.

I have gone Galt as of 06-14-2016

I have just backed out of my last contract with anyone even remotely connected to the MIC (Military/Industrial Complex), better known as TPTB.

I'm done with these people. They are evil in every sense. I will not support, work for, work with or bow to any of them ever again.

What this means is; I am now a liability to them and they will in all probability want me dead or at least totally silenced, ASAP.

That also means the clock is ticking, big time. I have things to relate to the world a large and I need to get cracking and spew.

For now I am stranded on a remote island with a few other free thinkers called ZeroHedge. I can't think of a better island on which to be marooned or better company of freebooters.

~ DC v2.0


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