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I first heard of ZH a few years ago through a link on BI, and ZH is unquestionably the best website there is. I stopped reading BI and switched to a while ago, haha, and I love Rothbard and Hazlitt. I've been content to lurk on the invaluable news and chart stories, though I seldom read the comments. However, I was inspired to take the stairs down into the basement for the first time because I loved Chumbawamba's post about the Matrix and want to make my first ZH post complimenting him and adding to his inspiration with an amalgamation of CHS, GW and of course the well-beloved Tyler Durden in my reply. Zero Hedge inspired me to print out the "Fed Octopus" cartoon of 1912, make a t-shirt, and paint END THE FED in red ink at the top. While Fire Angel isn't my real name, it's one I've used before, FYI. I hope I'm welcomed here. Fire


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