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if you came here to understand who is writing... then know that I think the arguments are not contingent on the author

anyway: I'm old, live in the euro zone and very skeptical. and a fan of ZeroHedge, despite the ubiquitous rubbish among the pearls in both articles and comments

I used to sport here the EUR emblem for over four years. I regarded that in the environment of ZH as a kind of... handicap. I feel vindicated in many of my past comments regarding the EUR

(edit: now using a "Europe on Zeus" drawing)
(edit2: switched back to "EUR" simbol)


In order to keep any of my employees apart from me, my team's nicks, when they choose to distinguish their comments from mine:

Secretaries: Margot, Edith, Agnes;

My client facing darling and designated successor : Scarlet

Minions: Kevin (operations); Stuart (financials); Bob ("special tasks")

Other staff: Kyle (don't ask): Dr. Nefario (IT and technical stuff of all kinds)


I am interested in history, economics, politics, monetary theory, sociology and of course philosophy.


I often get strange (for me) exchanges about ideology. Here what I will more often cut and paste:

There are THREE strains of ideology, and many combinations to extremism

The (classic) liberal gone bad makes you his debt serf or sugar baby, and his hired mercenaries bomb you for the missing pound of flesh

The conservative gone bad burns you on a stake, gasses or crucifies you, particularly if you were so stupid to be born the wrong way

The socialist gone bad puts you in a labour camp and starves you... while preaching that it's your fault, really, for non-compliance to norms and equalitarian tenets

The Nazis hated the first and practiced the second and third to double excesses, btw

Ideology, like drugs, medicine and poison, is all about how much. A small bit is medicine, too much is poison

Common sense is more somewhere in the... middle. As sanity, humanity, virtues, and many other sensible things


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